How to move to Dubai and Live the Luxury Lifestyle

Work from home, or work from the beach? With the new 1 year ‘work from home visa’ that’s now a question you can ask yourself daily. Dubai recently announced that they are now offering individuals and families the opportunity to live in the UAE, while remaining employed abroad. With a straightforward application process, The Dubai Virtual Working Program offers working professionals a visa that is valid for 1 year. 2020 has been a year where we’ve all had to adapt and working from home has become the new norm. Dubai is ahead of the game with this amazing opportunity, offering people the chance to experience the Dubai lifestyle, without having to quit their job and begin the search for a new one. It’s simply picking yourself and your laptop up from your home office, and transporting it to paradise. So, how does it work? Interested applicants can submit the required documents by email to [email protected] The required documents include a passport with a minimum of 6 months validity, as well as health insurance with UAE coverage. Applicants are also required to provide proof of employment from their current employer with a one- year contract validity. Then, if approved, you will gain a 1 year visa to live in sunny Dubai. With a large number of luxury properties to rent in Dubai, the options of living in a prime location are endless. Whether you’re in a luxury penthouse apartment in Downtown, surrounded by the stunning Dubai skyline, and endless shopping, restaurants and amenities, or whether you’re in a beautiful villa on the palm surrounded by the beach and crystal blue waters, your work from home experience is guaranteed to be like no other.