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New Year, New Opportunities

For many of us, the New Year offers the opportunity to review our investments and tweak our strategies in order to consolidate and improve our returns going forward. This often means considering diversification, which is when you invest in assets and instruments of different types and risk levels so that if one area is suffering losses, another....

e portfolio, there is a plethora of information online that can be confusing. Everything from public and private investments, stocks and bonds, equity funds and direct property investment is available with just a few clicks of the mouse, which can be hazardous to say the least. <br> <br> Here are

What’s So Scary About Trusts

Perhaps the major disadvantage of a Trust are their perceived irrevocability and the loss of control over assets that are put into Trust. A Trust can be revocable, but this is likely to have negative tax consequences and a loss of the strong asset protection afforded by an irrevocable Trust. Many potential clients are reluctant to transf....

less in an attempt to retain control over the assets. <br><br> However, what is not common knowledge is that it is possible for a Settlor to retain a varying degree of control. Let’s take a closer look at some of these:<br> <br> <b>Letter of Wishes</b> <br><br> It is common for a Settlor to

Creating the Ultimate in Luxury Living

Developers in Dubai have responded masterfully to the influx of the world’s elite, offering idyllic properties that boast first-class architectural design, customization, and service. Beth Hirshfeld ....

mented Dubai’s stature as a city of “Luxury Living”. The hotel, strikingly set on a man-made island, offered a new standard in luxury. Its high-end finishings included the largest Swarovski crystal ceiling in the world, interiors gilded in 24-carat gold, and a helipad for private arrivals. It

The Best 3 Luxury Golf Courses in Dubai

Dubai is home to many esteemed golf courses. Let’s take a look at the best golf courses in the city and what makes them spectacular. Dubai is graced with a bountiful amount of championship golf courses. In fact, Dubai hosts a leg of the PGA European tour. The Emirate is also....

istie’s International Real Estate - Premier Estates pride ourselves on our knowledge of the best of what Dubai has to offer. Our goal is to use our knowledge to let you experience the best luxuries available to you. <br> <br> So, in this article, we’re summing up the best golf courses for y