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First quarter of 2021 reports low rent

ValuStrat, a leading consultancy firm in the Middle East, released real estate market reports for the first quarter of 2021, which ascertained that Dubai residents have experienced an 11% drop in year-on-year rental prices. However, the company has reported that the declining percentage figure is reflective of heightened competition in the market; when compared to the previous quarter, residential rent prices demonstrated a decline smaller than 1% within the January-March 2021 period, showcas

ng an increasingly steady market. </p> <br> <p>As leading property development companies across the country share projects, which amount to a significant introduction of new properties throughout the year, industry experts believe that rental prices will continue to stabilise post-pandemic rather

UAE-Based Bank Accounts for Non-Residents

As a luxury destination that attracts millions of tourists every year, and a haven with wholly respected and implemented COVID-19 safety measures, Dubai has continued to welcome an increasing number of non-residents who are now choosing to extend their stay in the popular seafront city. In light of this, a burning question for non-residents is whether they can open a bank account to facilitate longer visits.

In short, the answer is yes; however, certain specifications are important t

note. The majority of banks will only offer non-residents the ability to open a savings account with access to a debit card for withdrawal and no cheque book. The procedure may take longer than it would for a non-resident due to the extra documentation and approval requirements and the account hold

Introducing the Mollak System

With innovation leading the city’s progress, Dubai has introduced a platform that allows joint property owners and Dubai Land Department to regulate, pay, monitor and access property-related service charges.

The Arabic translation for the word ‘owner’, Mollak was built by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) to simplify homeowners’ lives by providing them with the ability to control their joint property-related charges all in one convenient, electronically-accessed plac

. <br><br> A new process that prioritises speed and convenience; the Mollak framework is intended to create 4 invoices every year, customarily one invoice per quarter based. Any outstanding balances will be uploaded onto the platform through the Owner Association (OA) manager (e.g. Kingfield, Saga

Leading Developer Spearheads 8 New Projects Across UAE

Reportage Properties, one of the UAE’s prime property developers, has contracted eight new projects that span across Dubai and the country’s capital, Abu Dhabi. The plan comprises 5,000 units across eight projects within notable communities, including Yas Island, Masdar City, Al Raha Beach and more.

The developer’s CEO, Islam Ahmed Suleiman, has stated that in 2020, Reportage Properties achieved record sales despite the COVID-19 pandemic, amassing Dh812 million. Since 2019, the co

pany successfully garnered a growth ratio of 125%, which upholds the positive performance that the UAE’s real estate market continues to demonstrate, even in the face of a globally tumultuous year. <br><br> Suleiman reported that the company maintained every project’s schedule and was able to m

Global Investors Choose UAE Real Estate Market

The United Arab Emirates has become a focal point for property investors on an international scale as Medallion Associates, a real estate investment advisory company, reports that interest has spiked as a result of increased luxury property purchases across the country.

The firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Masood Al Awar, states that the global investors consider the UAE, particularly Dubai, a rewarding strategic choice with strong potential on account of its profit landscape, invest

r-friendly policies and consistent real estate transactions despite the pandemic. <br><br> The country implemented swift and structured regulations in response to COVID-19, which garnered positive outcomes within the year and established the UAE as an attractive location for both investors and to

Move to Dubai and Live in Luxury Without Quitting Your Job

Work from home, or work from the beach? With the new 1 year ‘work from home visa’ that’s now a question you can ask yourself daily.

Dubai recently announced that they are now offering individuals and families the opportunity to live in the UAE, while remaining employed abroad. With a straightforward application process, The Dubai Virtual Working Program offers working professionals a visa that is valid for 1 year.

2020 has been a year where we’ve all had to

dapt and working from home has become the new norm. Dubai is ahead of the game with this amazing opportunity, offering people the chance to experience the Dubai lifestyle, without having to quit their job and begin the search for a new one. It’s simply picking yourself and your laptop up from your